Having my head in the… events

I’m Silvia
and work to realize people’s wishes

I’m a wedding planner based in Friuli and my suitcase is always packed, ready to travel to the perfect location for your wedding and organise your unique event.

If you need to organize your wedding, a party or a photo shoot and make them exclusive and memorable, this is the right place to be.

I was born on the border between the unassuming and hard-working region of Friuli and the exuberant, entrepreneurial region of Veneto: this is the mix I belong to, while also drawing inspiration every day from abroad, as my name, for example.

Chapeau is a French expression meaning “hats off to you!”, showing admiration for something someone has done. It is a chivalrous expression, referring to the courteous gesture of tipping or taking off your hat to something worthy of praise. This is how the company name and my work philosophy were born. My aim is to bring your hopes and dreams to life and turn your ideas into experiences worth remembering.

Chapeau weddings

I love unconventional weddings and I always try to give an original touch to any event, even those with a more traditional format.

I take care of every detail becoming your right-hand man in every decision, keeping an eye always to the budget.

Facing every possible unexpected with a smile so that you can focus only on the magic of your most important day.

We work to come up with your unique and original event together, whatever the place or kind of ceremony you have in mind. A touching religious service, a modest civil wedding or a moving symbolic ceremony to be celebrated with your closest friends.

Are you planning to get married?
I can explain how we will make your day magical.