Being a professional or a successful company today also passes through the ability to communicate yourself, your own concepts and products. If you have a message to give or a product to show you have to create a vision that contains what is really matters to you.

I am an architect and I worked for many years in the world of industrial design and furnitures. I made furniture, fashion and industrial design catalogs and everything starts from the concept that one wants to give.

I can help you with this, with my styling service with which I create moodboards, I organize photo or video sets for professionals and companies. I develope a complete project that include making the set, the colors to be used and the materials.

how it works

I study a brief and create a moodboard that contains the concepts, the suggestions and all the elements we need to realize the vision.I make a research for materials, objects, flowers, the right supplier, the ideal location, the video / photo operator or model.

Whether it is a photo shoot, a video, a television show or a catalog, you may need also someone who coordinates everything. I can also deal with this aspect, putting at your service my planning skills.

In the styling service there’s a lot of me: I put my personal touch in your project.

How much does it cost?

The Styling Service costs  starting from 850 euros, including taxes and depends on how much time do we need to realize the set and the period of the year.

To tell who you really are, your story or what your company means, contact me
I will be happy to put my personal touch at your service