how I work with you

When is the best time to contact a wedding planner? Anytime is the right time. It’s never too early and never too late!

Option 1

Are you a couple that likes to plan ahead, perhaps organising your wedding a year in advance?

Great, we will have plenty of opportunities to choose all of the different aspects of your wedding and plenty of time to turn your ideas into an exciting event.

Seven or eight months is usually more than enough time to work together on planning your wedding ceremony.

Option 2

The wedding date is approaching, we are just a few weeks away from the event and you realize that you need someone to help you: you don’t want to handle worries and problems that are coming to a head. No fear! I can help you suggesting the specific service to solve your problem. I help you find the supplier that you have not yet found, make a timetable that may manage and restore priorities, I will be on your side during the last technical inspections in church or location.

I put in their place all the pieces of the puzzle. All that needs to be done, just what you need to do.

Wedding planning for me like designing a house. It starts with an idea that becomes a project, then there are the bureaucracy, the estimates, the bargaining and the house begins to take shape. When the basics are solid you can think of the furniture, the most funny and creative part, which is based on personal taste, emotions and the history of those who will live there. At that point the picture is completed: the finished house is lived and reflects the people who will build their future there.

How I organize your wedding

This is my working method:

  • We will meet in person, or on Skype, to get to know each other. You can tell me all about your tastes and requests, and any thoughts or ideas that have captured your imagination. Together, we will carve out the style of your wedding. It is important that it feels like your wedding and that you can really give free rein to your imagination and dreams; I will take care of making them come true.
  • I will draw up a budget, optimising time and cost and clearly stating my fee and its impact on the overall budget.
  • If you like my style, let’s begin to work together!
  • I will put forward new, original ideas, meaning you won’t end up with a carbon copy of a reception that you enjoyed or of a couple that I’ve already worked with. We will take your inspirations and turn them into a reality that is custom-made just for you.
  • I select for you a list of suppliers for your needs
  • I will be the sole point of reference in organising your wedding. I have a team of collaborators working with me, but you are sure to always find me involved personally in organising your big day.
  • I can resolve any problems or last-minute hiccups – I will always be there for you!

Should we plan your wedding together? It will be special!