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    Weddings in Venice, Italy

    Plan a Wedding in the City of Venice, Italy

    The fact that I am a wedding planner based close to the most captivating city in the world makes it easy and practical for me to organise your big day in Venice, Italy a city that offers venues and backdrops suited to any style of wedding.

    Ancient palaces along the Grand Canal are ideal for a sumptuous eighteenth-century reception, with the space to welcome hundreds of guests but also adapt to more intimate and exclusive events. Alternatively, why not choose from one of the beautiful famous hotels of Venice or one of the new designer hotels?

    For less conventional couples, who are not fans of the ostentation offered by the ancient eighteenth-century palaces but can’t resist the charm of one of the most romantic cities in the world, we will find the most suitable location, exploring the old calli or streets of Venice. Here we will uncover the hidden gardens of private villas, which can be used as venues for small weddings (ideal for a few dozen guests) in truly unique spots, far from the most touristic areas of the old town.

    In the peace and tranquillity of a private garden, you can enjoy your big day in this ancient charming city, but in an intimate and familiar environment.

    Venice also offers old industrial sites such as the Punta della Dogana or the Arsenal, which have been renovated to perfection. Despite requiring a big budget, they offer spacious areas for large events and every comfort for your guests.

    Plan a Wedding in the Islands near Venice

    Venice is immersed in the waters of the lagoon and each island is famous for its own unique qualities. The islands of Burano and Torcello are rustic locations packed with tradition and beauty. They offer outstanding views over the Venetian Lagoon on one side and the vineyards on the other, with the ancient bell tower rising up in the background.
    The islands are perfect for those who want to celebrate their wedding in Venice in a more unusual sport, far from the well-trodden tourist paths of this ancient city.