The perfect location for every couple: many brides- and grooms-to-be underestimate the importance of choosing the location, but really it is the first thing you need to decide on when organising your wedding in Italy.

Every wedding is, of course, unique and everyone has their own priorities, but the ceremony and reception venues set the tone for the style of your wedding.

It’s not easy to find a place that really can emerge the soul of your wedding: to help you choose the perfect venue for your reception, I will try to provide you with some useful suggestions and show you venues that are as original as I can find, off the beaten track.

The most important thing for me, however, is to understand the atmosphere you want to create on your big day, the mood you want to set and the message you want to give. Your day is, after all, a reflection of you as a couple. Whatever your style, I will help you find a place in Italy that really talks about you.

The style of the venue will have to link to the most practical aspects: distances, number of guests and especially would be in line with in your budget plan.

While many naturally dream of marrying in a beautiful ancient Venetian palace, it is also important to remember that the venue is one of the main items on the budget to be kept under control. This is because it often dictates many of the other items in your budget too: the accommodation for you and your guests; transfers before and after the ceremony, and much more.

For this reason, it is a good idea to decide on a price bracket and avoid visiting those fairytale venues without doing your sums first and having a maximum figure in mind.

The number of guests will also affect your choice. A venue that is too big for the number of guests can seem empty, while a venue that is too small can be impractical. The location should be in proportion with the number of guests and should have sufficient outdoor and indoor space. Even if the hope is that the summer season brings with it an unforgettable outdoor celebration, you should consider what would happen in the case of bad weather and organise a plan B indoors.

As for the distances between locations, my advice is to always choose a reception venue that is not too far away from where you will hold the ceremony. To reduce journey times and discomfort for your guests, you could organise a symbolic ceremony directly in a place that is special to you, which I can take care of for you personally. If you would like to talk more about organising a symbolic ceremony, get in touch and we can work on creating a ceremony tailor-made to you.

Are you ready to discover the perfect venue for you? Let’s see together where I may drive you!